Services provided

Awareness creation

The target of our activities is to assure that SMEs are able to adopt digital technologies and integrate them into their processes in the face of digital transformation challenge ahead.
For that to happen, awareness is needed to be assured among the industrial ecosystem, as a precondition for a successful process.
Therefore, the promotion of awareness for the industrial ecosystem on the technological innovation opportunities will be one of the services of this DiH through actions such as: – Visits to enterprises and centres of excellence.
– Workshops, conferences, technical insights, brokerage events;
– News and technical-scientific insights publication on websites, video interviews

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Visioning and Strategy Development for Businesses

Small and medium-sized enterprises have a need for tailored support to enable their digital transformation.
The digitalisation at the level of each individual company often requires updating its business model and the redefinition of its strategic positioning.
The DiH will offer this support when required in the Roadmap that the assessment phase produces.

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The target of our activities are the small and medium-sized enterprises facing the digital transformation challenge.
As a way of addressing such challenge, assuring more tailored support, mentoring services are needed.
As of now, several competence centres involved in the DiH as service providers have, most of them, already active mentoring services for their clients and value chains. Moreover, the different activities of awareness creation (workshops, brokerage events and others) will also be the basis for the setup of mentoring services.

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Ecosystem building, scouting, brokerage, networking

These activities are aimed at SMEs and midcaps that could benefit from process digitalisation, from different industries such as packaging, machinery tools, chemicals, automotive, ICT, medtech, pharma and life science, construction and materials, agro-food sectors, among others.
Given the digital transformation challenge, it will be important to develop an overall ecosystem mapping, in order to suggest partners needed for implementing initiatives and projects for the different value chain areas and/or technologies. The companies shall use these services based on the assessment phase results and related initiatives proposed by the DiH.
More specifically, for the different activities/phases needed for a digital transformation project, the DiH will provide a matrix map with tasks and related service provider.

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Education and skills development

The target of our activities are the small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly in manufacturing, in order to assure their ability to adopt digital technologies and integrate them into their processes.
Companies need to upskill their workforce so to address the digital transformation challenge, and they need to learn how to access funding in order to make investments on new technologies.
In this context, hub’s activities aim to support companies in the evolution of their production systems going beyond pure production, covering all parts of the value chain.

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Digital Maturity Assessment

Although the aim of DiH is to support the small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly in manufacturing, facing the digital transformation challenge, it should be recognised that companies have different levels of maturity with regards to this process.
In this context, the DIH uses a customisable service for companies to assess their maturity level with respect to digitization and to define a roadmap and implementation plan for the next evolutionary steps towards the digitization of the company.
The maturity level will be assessed based on the individual assessment of different dimensions (such as the use of digital technologies, production organization, control systems, etc.). Within this set of parameters technical and organizational solutions will be developed, and presented in a roadmap to the company management to take the next evolutionary steps to adopt increased digitization.

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Collaborative Research

As the target of DiH are the small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly in manufacturing, facing the digital transformation challenge, one way of fostering the ability to properly adopt digital technologies and integrate them into their processes is through collaboration.
Therefore, PTCentroDiH will promote collaborative research between companies and the competence centres of the Region based on the several actions related to the digital transformation processes and solutions.

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Incubator/accelerator support

The target of these activities are the SMEs that are trying to develop new solutions with need of infrastructure support. In this context, there is a need for assuring the incubation of solutions and ideas related with the digital transformation.
In Portugal Centro Region there is already a network of Incubators/accelerators (RIERC), some of them well correlated with the clusters participating in the DiH as governance partners. They will deliver activities that will foster entrepreneurship and incubation of ideas based on the areas of industry digital transformation. They will be involved in the brokerage events throughout the region.

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Testing and validation

One important aspect in the field of Digitisation in Centro Region is related to “Design for Manufacturing”, because Industrial SMEs from Centro Region in Portugal are integrating global value-chains, offering advanced products, components and systems.
Moreover, they have been involved on the product development processes and so new digital tools are required (i.e., digital twin, digital make-ups, addictive manufacturing, simulation, supercomputing/HPC, etc). PTCentroDiH can support this international integration of SMEs, providing different Design for Manufacturing Services, accelerating the digitizing process of these SMEs and contributing to ensure their sustainability.
One of the objectives of the DiH is to share experiences already made in the Industry 4.0 / Digitisation field by other companies in the area, and / or identify areas where it is possible to directly test solutions that are part of the transformation roadmap that the company has decided or is deciding to adopt. To do this, the DIH is able to create the link to the ecosystem of actors who can offer solutions, demonstration and facilities in different technological fields and application solutions in order to test directly the opportunities offered by the Digitisation.

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Access to Funding and Investor Readiness Services

The target of these activities are the SMEs and all relevant stakeholders in the support of their Digitisation.
More specifically, they encompass the dissemination of information and the promotion of capabilities among SMEs facing the digital transformation challenge with regards to the access to appropriate funding.
Therefore, information about funding and investment services from different sources (regional, national and European) will be made available through the DiH to the participating entities in order to facilitate their access to it.

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