Portugal Centro Region Digital Innovation Hub

PTCentroDiH will be a regional and transversal Digital Innovation Hub.  In this context, PTCentroDiH will aim to act as a one-stop-shop to foster competitiveness, innovation and territorial cohesion in the Centro Region of Portugal. Therefore, the regional and capillary nature of PTCentroDiH’s activities is one of the hub’s main differentiating factors.

In order to ensure its aim of supporting the digital transformation of the stakeholders from the Centro Region of Portugal, the consortium of PTCentroDiH includes the Region’s Clusters, Universities, Polytechnic Institutes, as well some of the leading regional R&D Centres. The consortium of PTCentroDiH is, therefore, in a leading position to identify the main technological needs and demands of the Region’s stakeholders and provide suitable services in “Test before invest”, “Skills and training”, “Support to find investment”, and “Innovation ecosystem and networking”.

In this context, the vast knowledge about the local economic and innovation ecosystem, the close linkages with local stakeholders and the experience in providing this type of services, are a few of the differentiating factors of PTCentroDiH’s consortium.